LDF 2017
Festival of International Documentaries



And the Party Goes on and on...

Gueorgui Balabanov - Bulgaria, France – 2015 - 90 mts

Gueorgui Balabanov

“What do you think of the economic situation over the last six months?”, “Do you

trust politicians?”: the questions fielded by the professional “sociologist” Alina

Azarova to passers-by are profoundly irritating given that the answers are self-

evident. “A people are dying,” resumes one interviewee, who gets the reply “Thanks.

Have a good day!” Et le bal continue enquires into individual happiness, or rather

into the misfortune of all. Millionaires waltz amidst canapés and the film-maker

shows us a comical but equally disquieting slice of Bulgarian society. From the

weightlifter-become-nationalist MP to the gay Roma star of song, the portraits

dovetail elegantly. This medley points up a deep economic, political and even

spiritual malaise. As one elderly activist says, “the situation requires a revolution”,

which is not forthcoming. Since the Soviet era, labels have changed but not the

relationships of dominance. (Charlotte Garson)


In Memoriam: Chaudhry Devinder Singh