LDF 2017
Festival of International Documentaries



A Young Girl in Her Nineties

Yann Coridian, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi - France – 2016 - 85 mts

Yann CoridianValeria Bruni

A choreographer arrives in a hospital of Alzheimer’s patients and amidst the song and

dance, a reservoir of emotions awakens in Blanche.

Like many old people in nursing homes she seems to have drawn a curtain between

herself and the world. Without relatives, in the company of other Alzheimer patients,

she hardly remembers her melodious name: Blanche Moreau. But then choreographer

Thierry Thieû Niang arrives at the hospital. Thierry incorporates the patients’

movements, gestures and words in his dance and doubly animates them: their bodies

and their souls. Among the murmurs of French chansons which, of course, talk of the

adventure of love, Blanche awakes from her enchanted sleep. And more than that.

“Parlez-moi d’amour” and the handsome, attentive stranger open a space for her in

which she can once more get lost – or find herself – in the ecstasy of being in love.

For Thierry, visibly moved by this development, the task is to create the right balance

through dance.

Holding and trusting each other – that also describes the careful attitude of the director

towards the dancers: a successful actress and feature film director, Valeria Bruni

Tedeschi, in collaboration with Yann Coridian, now delivers a sensitive debut

documentary. We learn only what is revealed by the place and situation about the

patients’ lives. But in any case the film makes us sense that memories are less about

one’s CV than about a reservoir of emotions. - Lars Meyer


In Memoriam: Chaudhry Devinder Singh