"Communicating our Message"
Workshop for Indian HIV/AIDS Communicators

Workshop for Indian HIV/AIDS Communicators

Thank you for your interest in participating in the forthcoming “Communicating our Message” workshop. This five-day training is all about YOU!  It’s a chance to develop confidence & skills, share experiences & challenges, and build better relationships with the media. How will we do this? Through lots of practical activities & creative exercises. You’ll also have a chance to meet local journalists, and explore ways of working together in future.

It doesn’t matter how much – or how little – previous experience you have had. This workshop is all about sharing new ideas and finding ways to support each other in the work we do!
Here is what we will cover:

Understanding our target audience/s – who are they? What are their needs? How best can we reach them? What might block them from accepting the information/messages we are trying to promote? How do we overcome these blocks?

Packaging our messages – identifying the ‘voice’ of our organisation; identifying human angles; ‘sharing not preaching’; expressing complex issues (like HIV/AIDS) sensitively and clearly; countering stereotyping and discrimination; moving from  testimonies to issues.

Understanding what journalists need – how to find news angles; understanding the difference between 'worthy' and 'newsworthy'. Using radio, print and TV to communicate our messages

Developing our own communication skills – how to sound more confident, clear and persuasive; learning to listen; understanding body language; the special challenges of communicating on radio & TV; handling interviews.

Written communication skills – how to use simple, persuasive language to convey information and messages; writing ‘letters to the editor’, and press releases.

Planning & strategising – tools for creating simple, achievable media strategies for advocacy campaigns.

This is the plan for the workshop:

DAY 1:

Introductions & expectations
"What is our voice?"
"Who do we serve?"
"What are our messages?" – how to be clear, dynamic and human Afternoon How do we feel about media? What do journalists need?
"Starting with ourselves" – building confidence; voice & body language

DAY 2:
Reflection on yesterday
Practical exercises – speaking to an audience; handling interviews Afternoon Writing for media – press releases, letters to the editor

Reflection on yesterday
Guest speaker: “Communicating HIV/AIDS messages through media in India: tips & guidelines for communicators”


Practical role plays: TV & radio


Reflection on yesterday
"Meet the Media" – an opportunity to interact with local journalists & to build healthy partnerships for the future


Reflection on yesterday
Planning media campaigns – tools & tips
Action plans
Workshop evaluations

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