RADIO WORKSHOP, CHENNAI(July 25 to August 7, 2005)

Developing a cadre of young DJs equipped to communicate effectively on HIV/AIDS to young people.
In association with two community radio stations Anna FM 90.4 at the Anna University
and MOP FM 91.2 at the MOP Vaishnav College for Women
in partnership with the
UNICEF regional office in Chennai


“A significant number of HIV infections in India occur in people below the age of 25 years old. Young people in India are especially vulnerable to HIV as they often fall outside the purview of targeted intervention programs.

The training will focus on helping young people understand the basic facts about HIV/AIDS. It will clarify myths and misperceptions and tackle the roots of HIV related stigma and discuss related legal issues.

“School and university based HIV education programs are often challenged by the restrictive classroom environments in which they are held; environments that rarely encourage frank discussions about HIV risk or about where youth might turn to for more information and services. However, this is a group that increasingly needs to be reached with such information,”

Dr. Jaya Shreedhar, Internews Health Advisor.

“When the DJs and musicians leave this training, they have a new appreciation for the key role they can play in reaching their young audiences with life-saving information.”

Liz Gold, Internews HIV/ AIDS Advisor

“UNICEF’s experience with young people shows that even if a majority is aware of HIV, many do not have the right and appropriate information on prevention. There are also lots of myths and misconceptions related to HIV, sex and sexuality,”

Thomas George, Communications Officer, UNICEF, Chennai.


Mr. Georges Collinet

internationally known DJ, who has held successful training programmes for Internews in Kenya and Nigeria

Dr. (Ms.) Jaya Shreedhar

Technical Health Advisor, Internews

Mr. Götz Bürki

Technical Trainer, Deutsche Welle, Germany


The trainees included:

  • DJs from Suryan FM, Radio Mirchi, All India Radio and the two campus community radio stations
  • VJs fromSun TV and other private television stations also attended
  • ‘No Idea,’ a young music band, adjudged one of the best bands for their composition on AIDS awareness at the Great Indian Rock


  1. SONG by No Idea
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